Sunday, February 27th from 15:00 till 19:00

SalonUSSR at EastArea: TOLKUCHKA!

Black Market Social Club

Tolkuchka is the result of creativity of the masses in a situation of economical and ideological pressure. Tolkuchka satisfies the needs of the people for unsanctioned goods and pleasures. That means blue jeans, books, records and bubble gum.


This place is a source of income for some people, but more important it is a place to express opinions, to exchange ideas, to share rumours.
Today's market offers little human contact. We shop quickly in motorized cultural supermarkets. We download cultural gigabites from the net. There is no physical opponent present in our chats. We communicate with virtual representations of people, their emotions, needs and discoveries. But we need a real thing. Real physical exchange. Black market. We call it Tolkuchka.

SalonUSSR starts a regular Tolkuchka event on secret locations. The first one will be at East Area.
Put your vinyl records, CD's, videos or other collectibles in to your shoulder bag. Come to Tolkuchka at East Area. You meet people with similar bags, full of valuables. Copy, swap, sell, and get rid of something. You'll see that there's more to it than Money-Product-Money formula. There's blood, sweat and tears. Scrap the barcode off the wheel!

One-day exposition of Soviet record cover art.

Every time various Black Market DJs will play their all-time favorite music. For the security measures their names will not be revealed.

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