Sunday, June 5, 2005, from 7 pm.
Russian Cultural Centre A'dam, Salon USSR and East Area present:

LOMO-party "The show must go on!"

An interactive exhibtion of unique photographs made with the legendary LOMO snapshot camera from St. Petersburg. Take your own LOMO photo's ("lomographs") with you: the best will be added to the exhibition.

Sometimes a blurry shot is just blurry, but other times it is pure and absolutely brilliant!

Bad News! The original and one-and-only Lomo LC-A camera has been taken out of production. Some of the most beautiful items ever created (the original VW bug, Constellation, Tupolev, Concorde and Illushin airplanes, Polaroid SX-70's, Olivetti typewriters, Lambretta scooters, Commodore 64 computers, Wacker Innsbruck, etc.) have disappeared despite the enormous love and respect that they command. According to the LC-A's Russian factory (LOMO PLC), the LC-A has proven to be too expensive to continue its production. Engineers and craftsmen experienced in 35mm cameras are a dying breed. Wages and energy costs have skyrocketed. BUT THE SHOW MUST GO ON!

With: LomoMIX - DJ Goldfinger; LomoMusic-DJ Freeze; LomoVideo-VJ Akla; LiveLomoWall
Free entrance!

More info:

LOMO party is one of the central points of a new project by the Russian Cultural Centre Amsterdam, the 'BOLSJOJ FESTIVAL'

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