Abandoned Glove: a project by Lala Rašcic

Opening: March, 12nd at 4 p.m.


The sound of falling lost gloves and banal texts from a TV-quiz, in combination with bizarre drawings: all this in the works by a Bosnian artist Lala Rašcic can be seen and heard at East Area starting from March, 12th.

The “Abandoned Glove” project deals with the notions of loss and identity. Lala Rašcic explores these notions on a very personal level, trying to discover what it takes one to lose and to be a loser. At the same time, she is communicating most disturbing issues in a seemingly superfluous and cynical manner. The project is a result of the artist’s recent experiments in the field of the spoken word. In her sound works, Lala Rašcic simulates different aspects of popular culture, such as radio shows, TV game shows, audio dramas, appropriating different identities that help her hide or expose her “real” personality.


The sound of One Glove Dropping video (5 min, 4 MB)
The sound of One Glove Dropping video (broadband: 5 min, 8 MB)


Fragment of The Abandoned Glove audio piece (8 min, 2 MB)
(you will need Windows Media Player, click here for free install)


The “Abandoned Glove” project consists of 3 parts:

The Abandoned Glove” – an exhibition of drawings, a sound piece and a live performance- is dedicated to the phenomenon of lost gloves. The drawings portray single gloves found on the streets of Amsterdam, while the accompanying audio work tells the story of each individual glove. The “social” aspect of gloves (i.e. the fact that they are made in pairs) allows the artist to use them as a metaphor for human relationships. Making an attempt to assign an identity to a single glove, the work resembles the healing process and rediscovery of ones independent individuality after a break-up of a long-term relationship. During the exhibition opening, Lala Rašcic gives a 3-minute audio performance, entitled “The Sound of One Glove Dropping”. Here the very moment when the glove was lost is reconstructed. All the gloves from Lala’s collection are being dropped by the artist from a height of 1.5 meter; the microphones registering the sound individual gloves make when hitting the surface. The audio performance will be streamed live within the frame of “I love my voice” radio show broadcasted from the East Area exhibition space.

Are U a Loser?” is a simulation of a TV game show, without the TV: it has a jingle, a host, a clapping audience, and contestants competing for the title “The Loser of the Year”. Lala Rašcic appropriates different roles in the show, in order to, in an upbeat, ironically American glam way, confess rather defeating facts of her own experience. This work can be seen as the artist’s comment on the exploitation of human feelings and weaknesses to the point of total disgust in numerous TV shows.

I love my voice radio”. On the day of the project opening a live radio show hosted by Lala Rašcic will take place at East Area. The show is a platform of audio ideas, giving visibility to diverse art works that, in any other case, would remain unheard. One of the works is “Icons share their wisdom”: an audio piece in the form of a dialogue by Lala Rašcic and Ana Hušman, a young multimedia artist from Zagreb, Croatia. Ana and Lala are long-term collaborators, working together on media productions simulating various social situations.
“I love my voice radio” show can be listened to on March, 12 between 6 and 7 p.m. at http://connect.waag.org. The show will also be recorded and afterwards played at East Area during the whole exhibition period.

Lala Rašcic was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia&Herzegovina in 1977. She graduated from the School of Applied Art and Design and the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. In 2003-2004 Lala Rašcic studied at the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam. At the moment, she is an artist-in-residence at the Platform Garanti contemporary art centre in Istanbul, Turkey.

“Abandoned Glove” at East Area: March, 13rd - April, 10th 2005
Opening hours:
Thursday – Saturday: 1-7 p.m.
Sunday: 4-7 p.m.

This project is made possible with the support of:


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