Friday, October 21 - Doors open 19:00, film starts at 20:00
Entrance fee: E2- , East Area Friends' club members: E1-

Dvoinikat ("The Double")

A film by Nikolai Volev, Bulgaria, 1979.

An exclusive screening, with live translation into English by Zhana Ivanova.
Accompanied by a poster exhibition from the collection of The Society for the Preservation of Trace. (scroll down for more info)

Proceedings will be enhanced by the smooth melody of D.J. no-immigrant 2007 and DJ Elem (from Bulgarotone to Jugodub)


Assistant professor Denev finds that he cannot manage his time between academic and public activities. Suddenly he comes up with the idea to bring his cousin Ivan from the countryside with whom he has a striking resemblance. Ivan appears on the committee boards and wherever his cousin’s presence is required, while Denev attends to his research work. With uncertainty at first, but gradually gaining confidence, Ivan takes up his new role and his determination to gain material benefits at every occasion becomes threatening. When at last the look-alike endangers Denev’s personal life, he cannot bear this any more.

Dvoinikat is one of the most popular Bulgarian comedies. Starring Todor Kolev as the two look-alikes, the film can be seen as direct _expression of the duality in socialist life.

“ Translation of film by a singular voice was a common phenomena in Bulgaria. Often as a children we would watch Western films brought to our understanding through a single voice from somewhere in the back of the cinema auditorium. This mono-translation for me is also a metaphor of how foreign reality was presented to us through mono-directional channels.

The idea for this project came out of a sense of nostalgia, but also the desire to bring to view a series of films that have hardly been seen outside of Bulgaria. It is dedicated to the translator of Italian films from the Odeon cinema in Sofia.” – Zhana Ivanova

Zhana Ivanova was born in 1977 in Russe, Bulgaria. She studied languages and theatre in London. Since 2001 she has been producing solo and collaborative works, which have found place in galleries and public spaces. She engages predominantly within the format of live performance, yet readily shifts between disciplines in order to suit the desired by her goals. Her works have been shown in Ellen de Bruine Projects (Amsterdam),Gallerija Nova (Zagreb), Raid Projects (LA), as well as at festivals internationally. She is currently based in Amsterdam

Poster exhibition from the collection of The Society for the Preservation of Trace

The film will be accompanied by a poster exhibition from the collection of The Society for the Preservation of Trace. As an institute they are concerned with the remarkable disregard for the rights of Indian foot-ballers and factory workers' unions east of Moscow. In addition the collection strives to outline the distaste with which a progressive industrialized world has come to allow its sole contributors fall by the way-side.

The selected works include:

-Uzbekistan, The combined benefits of toothpaste and vegetables.

-China, Perhaps something to do with death caused by bacteria derivative from under-cooked food.

-Russia, The safe operation of a fire hydrant.

-Turkey, One criminal points a gun at another criminal whilst the coy woman sits in her over-painted bikini.

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