The Migrant Navigator project by Darko Fritz

Opening: December, 18 5-8 p.m.

Darko Fritz plays with the notion of “Home” by presenting it as an icon from an Internet browser. The project, started in 2002, consists of several phases. Each time the artist chooses different locations, media and context for his “migrant navigation”: from flower installations in a public space to on-line art. He puts the “Home” sign on an advertising billboard; plants a huge flower bed in a park in Linz, Austria; creates a portfolio of prints, shoots a video film and starts an Internet project on the subject. Each of the works can be regarded as a separate project and have an independent life. However, together they are able to form a wider context and to create different levels of perception.

Home is a 2x2 meters image of the “Home” icon placed on a commercial billboard close to the Croatian border. The poster contains no further information, so it advertises its own image and message.

[Home]|[Search]|[Home] is a series of handprints on paper. The ”pixels” - stamps in red ink - bear Chinese pictograms for words 'Home' and “Search”.

Illegal immigrants’ dis.information is an on-line project. Machine-made collages of text and links, randomly collected from the web and later organised as homepages, contain partial and confusing information (i.e. disinformation) underlying administrative chaos concerning immigration.

Migrant Navigator Tools is a video work, presenting all phases of the Migrant Navigator project. It has a hybrid form of computer animation, documentary film, artist' documentation and video art. This video was presented at the Europe Square XXL project in several Amsterdam public spaces in April 2004.

Darko Fritz was born in Croatia in 1966 and now lives and works in Amsterdam. After studying architecture at Zagreb University, he graduated from Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam. Fritz is a media artist, curator and graphic designer. In his work, he tries to fill the gap between contemporary art practices and media art culture. He uses traditional techniques (graphics, photography) as well as electronic and communication media (video, TV, radio, newspapers, internet, fax etc.). Presentations of the artist’s works took place in galleries/museums, Internet, broadcasting media (radio, TV), urban space (city squares, public transport) and architectural as well as organic surroundings (landscape architecture). Darko Fritz focuses on sociological and phenomenological issues in contemporary communication, old and new media and technology and their influence on daily life, art and culture.

The exhibition is open: December 18- January 16, Thursday – Sunday, 1-7 p.m.
Closed on public holidays: December 25, 26, December 31 – January 2

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