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Director: Maxim Shaposhnikov
Technical Director: Oleg Livschitz
Artistic Director: Katja Sokolova
Designer: Peteris Draguns
Photography: Andrei Tchernikov
Website: Jan Jaap Kuiper
Logo: Anya Astapova
Volunteers: Irina Kovalevska, Elena Kravchenko, Tanja Yassievich

East Area

East Area is an art laboratory, a club of friends and a place for experiment.

We give creative people – contemporary artists, musicians and writers - from Eastern Europe and beyond an opportunity to present their work in the heart of Amsterdam, in Jodenbreestraat 24.

The project is inspired by recent changes in the cultural climate of Europe. Now, 15 years after the fall of communism and 1/2 year after new members joined the EU, it is still full of prejudice and borders of all kinds. Though the project primarily focuses on contemporary Eastern European art, it is based on the idea of Deep Europe - the idea of overlapping identities of modern Europeans. It reflects a new cultural dimension, which is not specifically Eastern or Western any more, but exists beyond geographical and other borders.

The basis of our activities is the presentation of art projects by contemporary young Eastern European artists living in the Netherlands. Working with different media- from painting to multimedia- they touch upon trans-local notions and topics, such as identity, memory and displacement. We are interested in artistic practices that have experimental, controversial and on–the-edge character. We invite both artists already having a name in the art world and those who have just started their carrier.

More information on www.eastarea.nl