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The Netherlands/Russia 2001.
Russian with English subtitles
45 min / PAL DV / Color + B&W / 4:3 letterbox / Stereo.

Directed, shot, written and edited by: Jan Jaap Kuiper
Production: Jan Jaap Kuiper, Gerhard Stoel and Andrey Tamay
Sound: Jan Jaap Kuiper
Translations: Andrey Tamay and Thalia Verkade

Russian Filmmakers in the Vacuum of Freedom
Article on the situation of the Russian Filmindustry in the Nineties.
(Only available in Dutch / Acrobat Reader format.)

Like Tarkovsky

LIKE TARKOVSKY follows young wanna be film maker Andrey Tamay on a journey through Russia's bankrupt filmindustry. Film directors who seem to be living in the past and a blossoming illegal video industry offer no hope for Andrey, who wants to be like his hero, the famous Russian director Andrey Tarkovsky.

While other film students are filming the surface of the moon or young girls in mother Russia's nature, Andrey fills his time with driving around Moscow's industrial sites and lying on his bed thinking about the films he will never make and the girl that left him.

Andrey takes us on a trip to Moscow's largest illegal video market, the industrial sites he likes to roam around and -most important of all- the Mosfilm studios. LIKE TARKOVSKY features interviews with Mosfilm director Sjagnazarov and veteran film maker Vadim Abdrashitov. Experts explain the state the film industry is in and meanwhile one of Andrey's nightly drives ends up at.... McDonalds.