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Directed and written by: Jan Jaap Kuiper
Producer: Rosan Boersma
Camera: Mick van Dantzig
Sound & mixing: Thijs van der Vliet
Editor: Tim Wijbenga
Production Russia: Katja Sokolova
Voice-over: Maxim Shaposhnikov
Poster design: Anne Marie van Warmerdam

The Netherlands 2008
Russian with English or Dutch subtitles 
documentary / 25:40 min / 16mm transferred to HD / Color and B&W / 16:9 / Dolby Digital 2.0 and 5.1

Broadcaster: Human

This film was made in collaboration with Human and with support of Cinemien.

This film was shot by Jan Jaap at the Dutch Film and Television Academy (NFTA) as part of his documentary course - copyright belongs to the NFTA.

Pyotr - letters from the Gulag

Pyotr Alexeyev disappeared in 1937 from his daughter Era’s life. At the height of Stalin’s purges, he was arrested and transported to a labour camp where he died during the war. Era and her granddaughter Katya try to understand Pyotr's fate, with the letters he wrote from the camp as their starting point.

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Filmfestivals: NFTA graduation festival (june 2008), NFF 2008 (nominated for Tuschinski Award for best student film, awarded Dutch Film Fund "Wildcard"), IDFA 2008 (in student competition), Leids Filmfestival 2008Stone Film Festival 2009 (Romania), Off Cinema festival 2009 (Bologna, Italy), Go Short 2009 (Nijmegen), Next Reel filmfestival 2010 (Singapore), DOK.nl 2010 (St. Petersburg, Russia), DAR filmfestival 2010 (award for best Television Documentary, Ekaterinenburg, Russia), Flahertiana Film Festival 2010 (Perm, Russia)